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What's the difference between a "chocolate maker" and a "chocolatier"?

Updated: May 23

There can be much confusion over who makes chocolate, or what “making chocolate” even means. To help clarify the difference, a Chocolate Maker receives the cacao beans, roasts, grinds, and fine tunes it into what we know as chocolate. Chocolate makers can make white chocolate, dark chocolate, and anything in between. A Chocolatier, receives chocolate made by the maker, and uses it to create chocolates, ganaches, figurines, showpieces, confections, and so on. They do not make the chocolate, however they can make chocolates. There are small batch producers who don’t own their own factory but use bigger chocolate makers to work with them to create their own chocolate. Today we will be pointing out the differences on Chocolate Makers vs Chocolatiers, and featuring some local businesses along the way!

A Chocolate Maker goes through the entire chocolate making process by starting with the raw bean (fermented and dried). There are raw chocolate makers out there, but the bigger part of craft chocolate makers make chocolate following these steps:

A Chocolatier works with pre-made chocolate (often called couverture chocolate), which is typically produced by large industrial chocolate makers with the cocoa bean origin not being disclosed. Their primary focus is on crafting various chocolate confections and products using this pre-made chocolate. This can include truffles, bonbons, chocolate bars with added ingredients, and various artistic chocolate creations.

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