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Registering for exhibit space at The Australian Chocolate Festival (ACF) in the city of Abbotsford, Melbourne in the state of Victoria you (exhibitor) agree to and accept the following terms and conditions:


ACF reserves the right to alter the Exhibit Area Floor Plan as it deems necessary for public health and safety.


Only one company may be represented in each designated booth space.


The exhibit space does not include electrical tagging of equipment, applicable health permits, or equipment to meet food safety requirements. These must be organized by the exhibitor prior to bump-in.


Booth cancellations received by March 31st 2024 will receive a full refund of the deposit payment. Booth cancellations received before June 7th 2024 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given to Exhibitors within 30 days of the Festival date unless the show is cancelled by government mandate.


All invoices and Festival fees will be paid within the timeline established by the Festival. Registration deposit invoices are due by January 31st 2024. The balance of exhibitor fees is due on March 31st 2024.


At 9pm AEST on Saturday 6th July 2024 – the day prior to ACF opening public doors, any exhibitor who fails to occupy its assigned space or email the Festival committee at to confirm attendance will be considered a “no show”. ACF has the right to use “no show” exhibit space in any manner that is in the event’s best interest.


By entering the premises all Exhibitors consent to be photographed. All photographs taken by our contractors, employees or volunteers are the property of ACF and may be used for marketing and promotion of the Festival.


By signing the Registration Form, the Exhibitor agrees that Festival Organiser has the right to utilise their company name, details and logo and Exhibitor’s contact person’s name, email address and telephone number in broader event marketing and communications, including through content in electronic or print direct mail, website listing and articles or in verbal communications.


At any time, and for any reason the ACF management may terminate the Exhibitor reservation and Festival services contract before the Festival and/or during the Festival. The Festival management reserves the right to remove exhibits and exhibitors from the Festival for health code violations, non-compliance with show guidelines, or safety concerns.


All government mandates, state laws, city ordinances, and facility rules of conduct will be followed at all times by Exhibitor and booth staff when entering, attending, or working on the premises of the event facility.


The exhibitor, its employees and contractors must comply with the provisions of the current and relevant State Workplace Health and Safety Act, its requirements, regulations and standards. The Exhibitor, its employees and contractors must also obey the directions of the appointed on-site Workplace Health and Safety Officer and the Festival Organiser.


All are obliged to work safely and to include the safety of venue employees, independent contractors and visitors in their safety plans. It is the Exhibitors duty to ensure that the Client and its employees, contractors or agents report unsafe practices to the appointed on-site Workplace Health and Safety Officer.


The Exhibitor must ensure that they have Public & Product Liability Insurance for not less than AUD$20 million for any one occurrence and for the period of the event including bump in and out of the venue. The Exhibitor must provide a Certificate of Currency endorsing and noting the interest of the Event Organiser for the said period no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of the event bump-in. Failure to present the required insurance cover will prevent the Exhibitor from participating in the show and will incur the loss of any monies paid. It is the Exhibitors’ responsibility to also carry any other insurances the Client considers relevant.


You will need to register for a Streattrader Permit for this event and supply a copy of this permit to ACF.


Due to the nature of events and decisions made by individuals outside of the control of the Festival Organiser, attendee numbers cannot be guaranteed.

Where attendance numbers don't meet the expectation of the Exhibitor, the Festival Organiser accepts no liability.


ACF may amend the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement at any time by reasonable notice, including without limitation by posting revised terms on its website at, which amended terms and conditions shall be binding upon You.

Any questions can be sent to

Thank you,

The ACF Committee

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